Just a Little Bit About Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a business with quite a little history seeing that it had been founded by Matthew Hill in 1997. Their main focus is on large sites with large levels of traffic.

In 2015, Matthew Hill sold the firm to Madison Dearborn Partners of Chicago and stepped down as CEO. Ever since then, the company has grown to 550 employees and 30,000 clients all around the world. They have five data centers in the United States and The Netherlands. The organization’s annual revenue is near $100 million.

What Differentiates Liquid Web from different firms is the niche they serve. They target customers who are technologically advanced in the things they do — like internet-dependent”professionals and their web creators” — but do not have the resources to hire engineers and other experts. Basically, they work with clients who have enterprise-class requirements without the associated financial means.

Liquid Web basically serves the niche between the section served by Bluehost, GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc. and also the IaaS or Infrastructure-as-a-Service market covered by AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, etc..

Liquid Web: Pricing

On Average, customers in this niche spend anywhere from $100 to $2,000 a month on hosting and ancillary services. That really is a fair bit more than that which regular consumers and small businesses invest, which can be in the area of $10 to $20 per month. However, it’s far less than enterprise budgets, which range anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 or even more.

Liquid Web was mainly famous for their VPS and dedicated hosting. But in 2017 they enlarged their offering using a low-cost option.

However, Then again, their performance will not justify the higher price point. After all, they outperformed their contest. Therefore, if you’ve already tried a whole bunch of web hosting options and have been disappointed with the results, then Liquid Web is the perfect alternative for you.

Liquid Web Features

Forget About data shed Liquidweb will take care of it that they provide automatic backups by performing a comprehensive snapshot of your WordPress websites. Now let us discuss some of the features of Liquidweb handled WordPress hosting.

No Pageview/Traffic Limits: Using Liquidweb handled WordPress hosting you didn’t get any limitations of your site pageview and traffic limitations.

Full Server Access: This attribute isn’t supplied by most of the web hosting provider but Liquidweb supplied the complete server access at which you are able to customize the server and database as per your requirements and in that manner Liquidweb provides you a lot more freedom then the majority of the popular internet hosting providers.

Automatic Daily Backups: Liquidweb automatically do daily backups of your complete website including database in their own different servers so you can easily restore your previous data whenever you need in only 1 click.

Staging Site: This attribute is very best to check your site before going live, Liquidweb provides staging site at which you can do any kind of testing on your site prior to making any changes to your own live website.

Secure Infrastructure: Security is one of the biggest concern for any consumer prior to choosing web hosting but in Liquidweb you do not have to worry about security each and every datacenter Liquidweb is owned and managed by their own people that are highly committed in their work and apart from that you will also get some other security attributes like Globalsign SSL and Let us Encrypt SSLs and many more.

Blazing fast Speed: The system is created using contemporary technologies like PHP7, SSL and Nginx along with other caching technology which can help you to raise your website rate.

Fully Managed WordPress: With managed WordPress hosting you don’t have to do whatever they’ll take of everything from upgrading the machine to latest WordPress along with other attributes that needs to updated they will do all the job regularly.

Now let us discuss some Liquidweb managed WordPress hosting plans and pricing, now Liquidweb offers 5 strategies Personal, Professional, Business, Agency and Enterprise.

Private Strategy : Personal program includes offer just 1 site using 30GB SSD space, 5TB of bandwidth and also iThemes Sync not contained and this plan cost you $69/mo.

Agency Plan: Agency strategy cost you 289/mo with 50 websites, 200GB SSD storage, 5TB bandwidth and iThemes Sync contained

Enterprise Plan: Should you have 100 sites to sponsor then this plan is for you and this strategy cost you $699 per month.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Liquid Web

So how does this strong, Mega-host fare for you bloggers looking to either get started or upgrade into a more rigorous plan to encourage your growing company?

Let’s find out by following A few strengths and shortcomings.


· WordPress and user friendly Plan accessible

· Seamless scalability

· Outstanding cross-platform Support annually, daily

· Fully-managed intends

· Strong datacenters and Security steps in place

· Generous resources for lesser degree plans


· Costly compared to rivals

· No shared hosting available

· Insufficient freebies (domainname, SSL)

Final Diagnosis

We Absolutely recommend Liquid Web for performance-oriented sites. If you have a popular site with lots of visitors, then you really can not go wrong with them.

But, If you’ve got a small site with only a few hundred visits a month, then Liquid Web may be on the pricey side for you. In the end, this business caters to a different crowd. Their focus is on clients who required enterprise-level performance but do not have the fiscal resources of enterprise-level customers.

For Small scale websites, check this SiteGround Review.

Maintain in Mind, though, that in the event that you have a large site, once you factor in the lack of Overage fees and some other losses due to functionality, Liquid Web might actually work Out to be far more cost-effective than your current hosting provider. So, They’re definitely worth checking out.