At 8.2%, core sectors' growth hits 5-month high in June - The Hindu

India’s core sectors have demonstrated robust growth, achieving an impressive 8.2% expansion in June. This noteworthy surge marks the fastest pace of growth in five months, fueled by significant increases in steel output, coal production, and cement production. The Commerce and Industry Ministry’s data, released on Monday, sheds light on the remarkable performance of these vital sectors.

Sectoral Highlights

Among the core sectors, steel output stood out with a remarkable 21.9% spike, underscoring its pivotal role in driving industrial growth. Additionally, coal and cement production experienced a substantial nearly double-digit rise, contributing significantly to the overall growth trajectory.

Impressive Upturn in Majority of Sectors

The latest data reveals an encouraging trend as seven out of the eight core sectors exhibited positive growth in June. This surge signifies a notable improvement compared to the previous month, May, when only six sectors experienced an uptick. In May, the total output of these sectors had expanded by 5%, making June’s 8.2% growth even more remarkable.

Core Sectors’ Significance

The core sectors play a vital role in shaping India’s industrial landscape, constituting a significant 40.3% of the Index of Industrial Production (IIP). The robust growth in these sectors is indicative of their far-reaching impact on the overall economic trajectory.

Positive Economic Outlook

The substantial growth witnessed across these core sectors in June reinforces a positive economic outlook, highlighting the resilience and potential for recovery within the economy. Such growth contributes to India’s progress toward revitalizing industrial activities and fostering economic advancement.

Sustaining Momentum

In conclusion, India’s core sectors’ remarkable growth of 8.2% in June stands as a testament to the economy’s inherent strength and its ability to rebound. As these sectors continue to evolve and contribute to the industrial landscape, their growth paves the way for sustained economic momentum and development.

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