Taliban bans beauty salons in Afghanistan despite U.N. concern and rare  public protest - The Hindu

The Taliban has issued an order to close all beauty salons in Afghanistan as the one-month deadline came to an end. Despite facing rare public opposition to the edict, the Taliban announced the ban on July 25.

Sadiq Akif Mahjer, the spokesperson for the Taliban-run Virtue and Vice Ministry, did not specify whether the group would resort to force against salons that fail to comply with the ban.

The enforcement of this ban raises concerns about the restrictions on personal freedoms and women’s rights in Afghanistan under the Taliban’s rule. The move has sparked public discontent and is likely to have significant implications for the local population, especially for businesses and individuals in the beauty industry.

The situation continues to be closely monitored by the international community, as it highlights the broader challenges and changes that Afghanistan is experiencing under the Taliban’s governance.