Theme Forest is a stage where the clients must get the Premium Themes in a minimum cost of 44$, 49$,69$,99$ etc.. The themes may be associated with WordPress Themes, HTML Templates, CMS and other platforms.They will provide the support for about half an year or an year and you can choose the support extensions at the theme by paying extra dollars.

You should has to buy the themes by means of either Credit card by Paypal and most of the websites uses Credit Card just for your Transaction.

ThemeForest a Part of Envato Market. At ThemeForest you can purchase and sell HTML templates as well as themes for popular CMS products such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Items are priced on the complexity, quality and use of the document; the entire cost also comes with a Buyer Fee. The site is home to a bustling community of web designers and developers and is the largest marketplace of its kind.

Pros of using Theme Forest

1. Huge traffic- Your topics get exposed to lots of relevant men and women. Not just some arbitrary traffic, but people who are already familiar with the topic (and sometimes know more than you do about it). All you have is to convince them you have a good item.

2. The options are actually yours. I am not discussing the strategy here (multipurpose vs. micro-niche topics, for example). I am discussing the freedom of deciding on the costs for your merchandise. It is entirely up to you, whether to combine the”race to the bottom” for the lowest price and market your half-a-year work for $1 in revenue simply to construct your name and climb towards the very top. Or, go in the opposite direction, such as some in the high end of the charts, placing your price at hundreds per motif.

3. Another big alternative is your exclusivity. Some select the non-exclusive method of selling their themes anywhere, not just Envato, and are happy with 50% revenue. However, most are sticking to Envato and promoting their own themes only there. The fee then is dependent upon the gross earnings, but you can get it as low as 12.5%.

4. Envato does care about you being known as a elite/power elite writer. Lots of perks, badges, wall of fame inclusion, interviews in their site and other critical boosts. Like for example the new motif boost — your motif gets on Envato’s homepage if it’s released and gets super-exposure in the very first days.

5. You have to raise good money on Support!  Though quality of service does matter a lot.

Cons of using Theme Forest

1. High Standards. This sounds a little complicated at first, even frustrating at times, especially after a few soft and hard palate, but what doesn’t kill us, does actually make us stronger. Like it or not, Envato must have these high standards to maintain their level of quality and avoid condescending looks from the WP community.

2. This is a real”drawback” everybody has willingly subscribe to — the faceless element. This doesn’t have such remarkable impact as it did in the previous times, but nevertheless is a substantial element. We used to have countless service addressing us since the Envato support group, which will not assist the brand-building, not whatsoever. Especially for its new sellers.

3. This corresponds with the previous announcement, but it is rarely very pleasant to understand that you’re only a cog in the machine.

4. This leads to another large issue — the prices. It appears fair that everyone gets to set their own costs in their particular products. But this made things quite complicated. Some authors abused the system to get their products recorded as the most expensive items, listing them in just ludicrous rates. Or the themes which are being sold with nearly 0% revenue for the writer, only for marketing purposes. And that is not even talking about the multi-skin templates which actually might be used for constructing a great deal of sites for the purchase price of one.

5. Another massive thing that should not be overlooked is the starting point. It is remarkably hard to enter ThemeForest right now. It is the time when big players are beginning to really feel some shoulder pushing in the ranks. Starting a new business at this stage seems like it may be difficult.

6. Or perhaps the primary”con”. You can’t survive without marketing today. Like or not, you’re likely to lose your rankings on Envato without creating additional efforts to receive your themes vulnerable. The numbers don’t lie, ThemeForest needs to get at least 2 extra million people purchase their WP products so as to keep the identical degree of the marketplace it is right now. Allow me to say that again for you. 2 million people annually just to keep it the same! And that knows how big the demand could grow. WordPress usage is just growing, and individuals are far more and more on the net and sites, but that still seems like a huge number to consider, anyway.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a new WordPress theme, it’d be foolish to rule out ThemeForest. You will notice a few rumblings about quality issues, but if you stick with the highly ranked, well-established topics you can not really go far wrong — those topics sell nicely because of this, and it’s usually because they’re on the excellent end of the spectrum.

Obviously, ThemeForest’s main selling point is selection. And, with over 12,000 WordPress topics available, there is something for everyone!

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